Parish Council

2018 -2019

Pastoral Council

Father C.J. Waitekus (Presider)

Carolyn Lewis (Facilitator)

Andrew Kniska (Vice-Facilitator)

Bob McGoldrick (Past Facilitator)

Barney Marshall, Stephen Hefner,Rick Wiatrowski, Tom O'Hara, 

Leo Shuzdak, Jan Komaiszko, Mark Weyer, Mike Cardello, Susan Oxx

               Youth Representative:  Trey Weyer, Dina Patryn

  Donald Higby(Deacon)

Celeste Labbe ( Director of Faith Formation), Joan MacDonald (SMA Principal)

Relationship to Parish Finance Council--Dan Sullivan is our liaison.



2nd Wednesday of the month @7pm in the Parish Center from Sept-June

As we continue to Rebuild our Parish Today for Tomorrow, your Pastoral Council is also trying to accomplish a rebuilding initiative.  Charged with the responsibility of long range planning for the parish we must insure that all our ministries and activities reflect our Mission Statement (printed on the front of the bulletin). 


We do this by developing our sense of Evangelization, Worship, Word, Service, Community, Stewardship and Leadership.  These seven elements form the essence of parish life.  They constantly interrelate, each nurturing and supporting the other with the communal celebration of Sunday Eucharist at the center, the very core of healthy parish life.


Our understanding of the interrelationship of the seven essential elements is central to the functioning of the pastoral council.  These elements are what make councils “pastoral”.  They keep our parish pastoral council on track as to what we should be praying, planning and deciding about.  The agenda of the council is primarily to research, consider, and propose for action those matters considered to be truly “pastoral”, those matters that directly relate to the seven elements, those matters that will bring our Mission Statement to life.


By consensus, the current members of the council agreed to make the study of the essential elements a top priority.   During this time of prayer and discernment we are working hard to be well prepared to lead the parish forward in the pastoral planning process. 


We are also approaching that time of the year when we must begin the process of “rebuilding” our council membership.  Seven of our current members will complete their term of office in June.  Over the next few weeks we will be inviting you to participate in this selection process.


Our parish needs leadership to help make decisions about our pastoral life and growth.  We are in need persons in St. Mary’s faith community who--

            -have a desire for spiritual growth in themselves and in the parish

            -are enthusiastic about the future directions of our parish

            -are willing to listen, to speak honestly, and to work toward consensus

            -have the ability to inspire and empower others and to delegate

            -are flexible and open with people and ideas


Beginning today, we ask that you join us in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide us all as we consider parishioners for leadership ministry through service on our parish pastoral council.