Young Adult Commission

St. Mary’s Young Adult Commission 2.0


Last summer under Fr. Reilly’s pastoral leadership, St. Mary’s Parish launched a Young Adult Commission. A proven and effective type of outreach to young adult Catholics known as the “YAC model,” this launch and that which followed it began well.


Young adult leaders were identified. Events were planned. The St. Mary’s Young Adult Commission enjoyed a strong start. However, due to some unforeseen events, that strength could not be sustained.


Our new pastor, Fr. C.J., would like to try again!


Fr. C.J. recognizes the importance of reaching out to, involving in the parish, and serving the desires and needs of St. Mary’s young adult population by providing to them opportunities to engage in social, service, and spiritual activities with fellow young adults. For this reason, Fr. CJ has decided to resurrect the St. Mary’s Young Adult Commission.


Accordingly, Fr. CJ announces the launch of St. Mary’s YAC 2.0!


The immediate next step is the recruitment of young adult commissioners (between the ages of 22 and 39) who, comprising the YAC, will serve the parish as young adult leaders. Then, the following steps will be discussed and decided upon.


If you are interested in the possibility of serving as a member of the St. Mary’s YAC, then please indicate your interest by taking the following survey, the completion of which should take only 3 minutes of your time. The survey may be accessed here:


As indicated in the survey, you are asked to attend 1 of the 2 (re)organization meetings that will occur in June; in the survey, you may indicate which meeting you will be attending. Included in the survey also are questions that pertain to the particular kinds of activities and events that, in the future, you would like to see St. Mary’s organize and sponsor for its young adults.


Thank you.