St. Mary’s 2021 – 2022  CYO Basketball IS BACK!

We Need You!

St. Mary’s CYO is looking forward to getting back on the court for our 31st season!  This will not happen without the formation of a new leadership team to guide this successful program going forward.

If you or your children (grandchildren) have a passion for basketball or you want to provide a fun and healthy outlet for children during the long winter months, then we NEED you!

The CYO program is well established but is in need of new energy and ideas. The creation of a small team with focused responsibilities will keep things easily manageable for everyone. St. Mary’s is actively looking for volunteers to fill the following roles to work together to support and grow the program:

*Overall Program Coordinator

*Boys Coordinator

*Girls Coordinator

*K-2 Coordinator

*Volunteer Coordinator

If you are interested in supporting this highly successful program in any of these roles or as a supporter on game days, please reach out to Fr. CJ, the Parish Office (567-3124) or Joanne Denver (237-3790).



The CYO Athletics program is designed to be representative of the Christian values of respect, love, compassion and support for each other. Through sports, competition and teamwork, CYO Athletics provides healthy growth and development through games, practices and the life lessons that sports teach.

The program is focused on about positive coaching, sportsmanship for children and their parents, learning to live together in a diverse community, maximizing talents, and fostering the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength in each of us.

Program Goals:

•      The mission and direction of the CYO Basketball League is to join young people together in the spirit of athletics and be able to compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

•      Foster an atmosphere that will bring the CYO participants and their families together both on and off the court


Program Description:

We participate in an organized, expansive and well established league.

  • Boys & Girls teams in each age group (Kindergarten – Grade 2; Grades 3-4; Grades 5-6; Grades 7-8)
  • Teams and players are matched to the proper division (A, B or C)
  • Regular season games run from December to March with playoff and tournament game opportunities
  • Games are at St. Mary’s Academy and other parish gyms through the Greater Springfield area.


Visit our website for more information or to download registration forms: