Staff Directory

Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Rev. Christopher J. Waitekus

413-567-3124, Ext: 109 

Deacon: Donald Higby

[email protected]

Pastoral Minister: Sr. Melinda Pellerin SSJ

413-567-3124, Ext. 110 [email protected]

Faith Formation

Director of Religious Education: Open Position

Administrative Staff

Parish Secretary/Bulletin Editor: Karen Casella 

413-567-3124, Ext: 100 [email protected][email protected]

Financial Administrator: Margaret M. Iancu

413-567-3124, Ext: 102 [email protected]

Finance Assistant: Myra Hayes

413-567-3124, Ext. 103 [email protected]

Director of Music

Klaus A. Becker, Ph.D., [email protected]

St. Mary's Academy

Principal: Amy Kane

413-567-0907 [email protected]