Mission Statement

Guided by the light of faith in Jesus Christ, we at Saint Mary’s Parish serve the Roman Catholic community and welcome all people of good will. Together we celebrate and proclaim the love of Jesus Christ through Word, liturgy and sacrament, education and service. Thus we hope to nourish a vibrant faith community that empowers the faithful to fully respond to their call to Christian discipleship and service to their brothers and sisters.

Saint Mary’s Core Values

  1. We believe in Jesus Christ.
  2. Each person in the parish is essential to the well being and functioning of our Roman Catholic Community.
  3. Each one is a member of the family of God incorporated into the Body of Christ by virtue of our Baptism.
  4. We believe participation in the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration is essential to community life.
  5. We have a responsibility to reach out in justice and service to the poor, the infirm and the elderly and the inactive or alienated.
  6. We are entrusted to share our time, talent and treasure in service to others.
  7. We believe, live and practice the seven sacraments.
  8. We respect human life from conception to natural death.

Saint Mary’s Parish Core Purpose

To help others know, love and serve God, and in this way, discover and save their souls.

Vision Statement

Our parish community Saint Mary’s will be a beacon, shining brightly, calling all those who enter her doors to a fullness of life through participation and fellowship. As a sacramental people, our Parishioners will discover, live and celebrate the sacrament of friendship with God and one another. Saint Mary’s will be a vibrant Roman Catholic Parish where we respect, practice and value our faith tradition. Our parishioners will be authentic witnesses to our young people, awakening in them the desire to grow in a loving relationship with God. We will be driven to be a true ‘school of life’; where we will not only believe in Jesus Christ and his mission but carry it in our hearts and souls as we go about our daily lives. As an evangelistic people we hope to build a new community consciousness that emulates the words of Saint Paul, “we are the body of Christ”. We will recognize the potential use of our parish building resources; committing ourselves to continue to envision them as a base for initiating and implementing our mission; as well as a place where we create and develop opportunities for serving our faithful. As we look to the future, Saint Mary’s Parish will emerge as a dynamic community where its parishioners will be enveloped by the grace of God as they come to the joyful realization that their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other is the most significant, vital, relevant and cherished part of their lives.