Parish Ministries, Groups and Organizations

I. Education

     St. Mary’s Academy:  Amy Kane, Principal   567-0907

     Director of Faith Formation and Child Advocate: Kathy Bladen 413-567-3124 ext. 101


II. Pastoral  Ministries 

     Pastoral Minister:  Sr. Melinda Pellerin SSJ 567-3124, ext. 110,     

     Parish Homebound Visits: Deacon Donald Higby -

     Adult Altar Server at Funerals: Contact Parish Office

     Adult Support Group: Barney Marshall 567-4648

                                           Bob Nell 575-5177

      Bereavement/Consolation: Sr. Melinda Pellerin SSJ 567-3124, ext. 110,

     Food for the Soul: Mary Beth Bergeron  567-6701   

     St. Jude Service Club: 

     Home Blessings: Sr. Melinda Pellerin SSJ 567-3124, ext. 110,

     Pilgrim Statue: Pat St. Amand  567-8638    

     Prayer Shawls:  567-3124

     Prayer Groups:

     Eucharistic Adoration: Tuesday (7:30am - 12pm)

                                            Noreen Tolosky 567-1719  

     Eucharistic Adoration: Friday ( First Fridays 12 noon- 5pm)

                                            Gerri Morgan 782-0723

     Divine Mercy Chaplet: Tuesday at 3pm

     Mary Immaculate: Thursday 9:30 am

                                     Noreen Tolosky 567-1719

                                     Ellen McKenna 567-1119

     Prayer Line: Nina Coughlin 567-7203

                          Trish Regan  567-6816

                          Gerri Morgan   melaneygirl@

                          Joan Serrenho 567-3533


III. Liturgical Ministries                                                                          

      Altar Servers: Bronwyn Prickett Monahan  565-5105

      Eucharistic Ministers: Buzz Travers

      Readers:  Alta Stark   

      Music: Director of Music:  Klaus A. Becker, Ph.D.   


IV. Councils and Committees

     Parish Council

     2022-2023 Facilitator: Vincent McPartland

     Education for Adults and Youth: Faith Formation and Academy:  Kathy Bladen, Director, Religious Education and Amy Kane

                                                             Topics of Faith Lecture Series:  Ellen McKenna  

     Spiritual Life Team: Noreen Tolosky 567-1719

     St Joseph Society:  Barney Marshall 567-4648

     Finance Council

     Pastor: Fr. C.J. Waitekus 413-567-3124   (c)  413-441-0218

     Finance Administrator: Peggy Iancu 567-3124 ext. 102

     Facilitator: Dan Sullivan  519-8372


V. Organizations

     Knights of Columbus:   Grand Knight: Tom Sciarrino

     Respect for Life: Amparo Moran 567-0448  

     St. Mary's Women’s Guild- 2023-2024 President -  Michelle DiPippo