Safe Environment Training

Safe Environment Every Day

Per Diocesan Regulations, we will be incorporating the S.E.E.D. program into all our Faith Formation classes.

Below is the outline for Classes by Grade.

Grades 1-6 - Child Abuse Prevention Skills Training

Grade 1:  Rules About the Body

Grade 2: Feelings, Bullying

Grade 3: Listening to your Intuition

Grade 4: Secrets- Those you keep and those you share

Grade 5: Internet Safety, Cyber-bullying, Bullying

Grade 6: Privacy & Confidentiality


Grades 7-9 "Called to Protect for Youth"

This three-part program addresses the types of boundaries child molesters try to violate, what actions youth can take if someone tries to violate these boundaries and how they can tell their parents or another trusted adult if they or a friend have experienced abuse.


 Parents always have the option to withdraw their children from this program. Please see Laurie Philbin to fill out an “Opt Out Form”.