Finance Office-Electronic Giving

Peggy M. Iancu
Finance Administrator
Phone: 413-567-3124, ext 102
Fax: 413-567-0264
Enjoy the convenience of electronic giving! 

Sign up Today by clicking on the 'Tree'

Electronic Giving provides a convenient way to continue your financial commitment to our parish, which is needed now more than ever. On our donation page you can create a profile to save your information for convenient future donations, set up recurring offerings, make one-time weekly and special offerings, and make Memorial Donations.
 To set up electronic giving please click on our picture of the tree!
Reasons to sign up for Electronic Giving:
  • No need to write checks or bring cash to church
  • Peace-of-mind knowing St. Mary’s is receiving your contributions even if you out of town
  • All contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement 
  • It costs nothing to enroll 


Thank you for your continued support of St Mary’s Parish

To ensure accuracy of your Year End Contribution Statement:
  Please write your registration/envelope number on all check donations.
Be sure to use your weekly contribution envelopes whenever possible.
If you are not receiving envelopes and would like to,
please call our parish office @ 413-567-3124. Thank you!